Creating a New Admin User in 3 Easy Steps


We are extremely serious about protecting the data that our client entrust us with and we go the extra mile to keep it safeguarded. Still, we recognize that some users may prefer to keep their own admin logins to themselves and give us access via a different admin account. This blog post will walk you though the 3 easy steps … Read More

Dangers of Outdated WordPress Software

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There is a cyclical pattern in web security.  When a back-door or flaw is discovered in the code, the word spreads pretty quickly.  The bad guys start finding ways to exploit the issue and the good guys start working on a patch to fix the problem.  But no matter how great a solution the good guys come up with, it … Read More

4 Reasons Why Hackers Still Want Access To Your Site – Even if You Don’t Store Confidential Information


According to a recent article in the Washington Post, the average small business site has 44 hacking attempts per day, most of which are carried out autonomously by computer programs know as “bots.” If web security is not at the top of your priority list because you aren’t storing financial or proprietary information on your site, it’s still imperative for … Read More